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2 most powerful SEO tools

Copywriting Bucket Brigades

When you write content for your website, you must use interesting words and phrases that will keep people on your page; that means you must write content that intrigues people. For that, I suggest that you hire a good copywriter because this is important. There are very old copywriting tactics called Bucket Brigades that can be useful when thinking about copywriting.

These should be included in your article because these phrases intrigue people:

– Here’s the deal
– The best part?
– What’s the real story?
– But there’s a catch.

Driven Subheadings

This is the second most important aspect of SEO because it’s the one thing that can help to keep visitors reading are the subheadings. Subheadings break up the content so that it is easier for the reader to get through.
Here’s a tip: Many use subheadings like what you see in picture one – it’s not bad, it will break up the content, but it’s just not good enough. It’s not attention-grabbing and won’t keep your readers hooked. You need a subheading like in picture two.

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