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Read This Controversial Article And Find Out More About email marketing Considerations for building strong relationships

Digital marketing by using an Email Marketing


Digital marketing consists of using different tools and techniques for getting your content to a defined, targeted audience, in which you raise awareness about your offerings and products by inviting people to your website and start the conversion process from strangers to visitors, visitors into leads and furthermore turn those leads into clients and promoters.  In simple words, a digital marketing strategy will always consider nurturing your potential customers by offering educational content to foster a long-term relationship with them, and the key to achieving this is by personalizing your content in a way that can prove effective regarding the engagement that you’ll receive from your traffic and prospects.

This can be conducted with email marketing, allowing your company to interact with leads in a personal manner or only continue communicating with current clients on a regular basis if you have in storage an email distribution list for organizing your contact’s database.


Why email marketing?


Many of us wake up in the morning and have already tons of emails pouring into our inboxes as companies try to lure us by using email marketing techniques, captivating the mindset of leads. Although you may feel that email marketing is all just spam, the reality is that there are several misconceptions regarding email marketing as a tool.

For example, Hubspot, a leading inbound marketing platform, alleges that around 70% of all email is considered spam and that people often label email as an old-school practice. Notwithstanding this assumption, email marketing is still a very useful marketing tool given how personal you can get in customizing emails to a particular lead that may wish to know more about your products or services.

Since most consumers check their emails regularly, this represents a level of engagement absent in other digital marketing approaches and the reason why according to Ascend2, 82% of companies are still using email marketing campaigns to capture the minds of customers, yielding high ROIs.

So, we can safely agree that email marketing is an efficient and useful component that should be considered for your future digital marketing campaigns. The question at hand is then, how we can build strong relationships by nurturing leads so that the conversion process from leads to customers and promoters is achieved through email marketing tools.


Considerations for an email marketing campaign


Your emails should add value to your contacts, not ask for it to them. Some of the most important elements for executing a superb email marketing campaign should consider:

a) Who your targeted audience is.

b) The segmentation of your contact’s database.

c) Sending the right email at the right time, and

d) Nurture your leads further into a client.


When determining your audience, you should bear in mind having the good content, audience, and timing for delivering a remarkable content to the appropriate target and in an adequate schedule for the delivery.

Database segmentation

Your contact’s database is crucial for your digital marketing initiatives. It is recommended that you organized it on a weekly basis and made regular database cleanup for segmenting this database to your advantage. Your segmentation is based on your Buyer Personas. Doing this will increase your open rates and click-through rates, which are essential metrics for overhauling whether your campaign is working or not.

Segmentation is carried by considering the geography, job title or work roles and/or also by marketing intelligence software, comparing a number of followers or level of engagement in social media platforms. The more segmented your contacts database are, the higher the level of engagement will be with your potential clients.

Sending the right email

To send the right email at the right time, your content or delivery of an offer to your contacts must follow the buyer’s journey, to determine the type of content that is more suitable in each of the three stages of the buyer’s journey (awareness, consideration & decision stages). For example, sending a link to your blog post will be appropriate for the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey, where prospects are expressing symptoms for a problem they wish to learn about. It should be noted once again that keeping all of your content educational is as important as the delivery methods you take in your email marketing campaigns for building stronger relationships with potential clients.

Lead nurturing

Finally, an email marketing campaign embraces a lead-nurturing initiative, a process for building up relationships with your prospects, aiming to bring your leads closer into the conversion process for making a purchase. As we mentioned before, emails should have value. Pay attention to little details for the lead-nurturing process, by customizing your content for mobile, ameliorating the body and templates on the emails and having the right subject lines that are catchy to prospects.

Now that we know the primary considerations for putting in place a marvelous email marketing campaign, we shall bear in mind other insights from email marketing that allows your online business to flourish in building stronger relationships with your prospects.

An important aspect to ponder about is drip email marketing, an automated sequence of emails which are delivered per established settings and “triggers,” based on whether recipients of such emails reply or subscribe for any services that companies are offering.

Drip email marketing is essentially about building a relationship with your prospects gradually until these prospects are ready to make a purchase of your products or services.


The power of Drip email

The power of using Drip email as part of your digital marketing strategy is to make your delivered content personal, help you building trust with your CRM and provide information by pre-establishing deliverable timeframes or schedules. After a few iterations from the automated sequence of emails, you’ll continue increasing your engagement with your recipients’ email list.

The following example may depict the way in which you can follow-up the iterations from a drip email campaign for building strong relations with visitors and prospects:


  1. First email. You send an automated email reply to visitors who have clicked on a link from your page and have shared with you, their private information in exchange for something of value, thanking them for signing up or just engaging at any level with your company.
  2. Second email. On a different day, you send an email to this contact showing other offerings he or she may like, enlightening them with a free EBook download for example.
  3. Third email. Keep fostering this relationship by sending an email with a testimonial, a free trial or even a consultation, closing them up in the buyer’s journey.
  4. Fourth email. You go “all in” as in a Texas-Holden Poker game and send your database a promising copy that marvels these prospects so they close as clients.


This is not a rigid, closed-door depiction of how you must conduct a drip email campaign but rather to give you a reflection of how you can build-up a relationship with your visitors and prospects through a drip, intensifying the level of interactions with them until they close as customers. Just remember not to become annoying or intrusive. Go smooth first and start from there ramping up your pace.

On a final note, remember to pay attention to relevant metrics such as open rates and click-through rates to determine whether your campaign is showing results or some adjustment should take place for fortifying your relationship-building efforts.


Concluding insights from email marketing to foster business relations

The key to building a strong marketing relationship with visitors, leads, and clients is by cultivating and nurturing these relationships through a personal, trust-building and deliverable efforts, encompassed in the usage of email marketing and drip.

There are many ways for building strong relationships online as you learned in this article, being email marketing one of the most efficient channels for meeting your buyer personas and showcasing your storytelling to prospects, using tags and drip as well.

Create exceptional educational content, keep in mind these guidelines and references for setting up your email marketing/drip campaigns and build those relationships with future customers to sell your products or services. Bear in mind that the benefits of engaging with your contacts database through email marketing will yield a unique approach to helping your online business convert them further into clients and promoters of your products, and embracing the power of drip automation will save you plenty of time to keep increasing the effectiveness of your online campaigns.


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