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How to expand your business with Facebook Ads Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Boost your online campaigns

Setting up your online business venture may seem like a daunting task. Notwithstanding confronting the challenges of initiating your online business, digital marketing can help burgeon your business regardless of its size, expertise or industry to excel against your competition by targeting an audience that you can captivate for starting a relationship, aiding potential customers in getting deeper into the process to making an online purchase.

One possible way of achieving the desired level of interaction with your potential customers online is to boost your online campaigns, using the biggest social media platform in the world (Facebook), creating adverts that can appeal to the attention of these potential customers, increasing the likelihood of growing your online sales.


In previous occasions, we discussed the prospect of using Facebook in order to reach a wider audience online, and its relevance has not diminished since, given that Facebook represents the biggest social media platforms in terms of registered users and live engagement, enabling you the chance to be ever present into the mindset of potential customers online.


What is Facebook Ads and why is it so important to your online business?


Designing ads that are suitable for what your digital marketing research is expressing regarding who your buyer personas (fictional representations of your potential customers) are and what is their location into the buyers’ journey (awareness, consideration, decision stages). Having said this, we must stress the importance of aligning the digital market strategy with your online ads, for reaching to a targeted audience and boosting the results of your efforts in the campaigns you will design on Facebook.

Your goal is to get visibility of your company’s products and offerings to a targeted audience that will drive them to your website, through some features that can appeal to this targeted audience you can create and filter using Facebook.

The methods for gaining visibility is to embrace the different types of Facebook Ads, from Video adverts, Facebook Offers, Multi-carousel ads or customizing a Call-to Action, that we have discussed on “How to reach a wider audience to your online business”, but most importantly, to create a customized, targeted audience that will boost your online campaigns in its effectiveness.


The business of targeting and customizing your campaigns on Facebook

By targeting your audience, Facebook is giving you leeway to select your desired audience for launching Facebook Ads that directly get into the mindsets of the people you wish to be targeted upon. This is conducted through some options ranging from hobbies, interests, geographic location and demographic data to pull the desired people you want to encounter as visitors and potential clients for your online products.

For example, let us assume that your online business is about getting your promotions ready online for your auto-repair/spare parts company. In this case, you should align who your fictional customers will be (let us claim that are males between the ages of 25-60 years old) to your offerings and customized audience, located where you wish to direct your campaign at geographically. This methodology will be consistent with yielding higher results and effectiveness of your campaigns, boosting its reach and impact.

The principles behind expanding your online campaign on Facebook will consist on:

1) Targeting the right audience,

2) Choosing the right content to promote your offers, and

3) Optimize your Facebook Ads by adapting and examining them.

These may be considered on the “Ads Manager” section on Facebook Ads.


Establish what your online Goal is.

The most common goal an online business sets itself for an online campaign on Facebook is to increase sales (the endpoint of the digital marketing strategy), but it could also be to get more engagement with visitors to your website, which can later translate into more visits and hence more leads and future purchases. In any case, you may have to focus on one product or service at a time and create a Facebook Ads revolving this goal for it to become achievable.

Facebook lets you select different types of objectives, based on the buyer’s journey regarding the awareness, consideration and conversion stages.

The goals from the awareness stage entail raising “brand awareness” or “reach” for attracting people to your website.

On the Consideration stage, the options vary from lead generation, traffic, engagement, app installs or video views.

The final stage, Conversion stage, lets you select three types of objectives or goals, from store visits, conversions, and product catalog sales.

You may ask which goal I should choose for setting up my online campaign? The answer will be based on knowing the location of your buyer personas on the buyer’s journey. After setting up your goal, you’ll have a clearer way of defining which Ads are more useful for your online business. Remember that what is important is for people to get to know your company and your products, direct traffic to your website and entice them to click on your ads for converting leads and later inviting them to make a purchase.


Targeting is the “Target!”.

Aside from being the biggest social media channel, Facebook’s reach is inexcusably incomparable to its competitors, given the power of its targeting tools. Using information from online visitors, you’ll have the advantage to target a customized audience that can increase the likelihood of click-through rates and sales as mentioned before.  You may target people based on its location, age, gender and language, cherry-picking what kinds of visitors you wish to appeal to in your Facebook Ads. You can also exclude people based on the same categories above to have a more specific targeted audience, which will yield better results and boost your online campaign.

Facebook will calculate how broad or specific the audience is being considered, and can estimate the number of people you may reach with your Facebook Ads campaign.


Creating a custom audience.

Aside from established options provided on Facebook Ads, you can customize your audience based on visitors from your pages/website or current customers who still have a relationship with you. Facebook can record data from your website/pages’ traffic, enabling you the power to segment and target a specific, narrow audience that will increase engagement levels and likely future sales of your online business.

The offered options for customizing an audience are by customization through

1) Customer File, matching your clients with other people on Facebook with similar profiles,

2) Website Traffic, creating a list of visitors to your website/pages,

3) App Activity, customizing by listing people who have incurred on a particular action in your app, for example; and finally,

4) By Engagement on Facebook, listing individuals who are engaging with your content.


Selecting the right content & Optimize!

Now that you have settled on the customized audience, targeted them and placed your filters for cherry-picking likely “clickers” of your Ads, you may consider which types of Ads are more suitable for boosting your campaigns. Revisit the “How to reach a wider audience to your online business” section from us! To receive the best tips and advice on the different types of Ads that can help you get the visitors and ROI to your online efforts for boosting your online sales.


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