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5 Simple Steps To An Effective Facebook ads Knowing the mystery behind reaching a wider audience

Social media marketing for reaching a wider audience

The information age has dramatically transformed the way in which businesses pursue their corporate objectives, by encouraging them to embrace social media marketing for reaching a wider audience, standing out against their competitors by increasing the appeal on potential clients or leads. Reaching to a wider audience for transmitting an appealing message to potential customers may seem like a costly venture, but social media marketing has enabled companies regardless of their industry, capital or age to conduct digital campaigns that are both cost-effective and with noticeable ROI.


The Holi grail of social media marketing so to speak, is to provide your targeted audience with content that is relevant and authoritative, by creating content that helps to educate newcomers to your website and attract traffic to build a long-term relationship.

One plausible way of setting up your new online business and tap into an audience that may generate you leads (potential clients), is by using Facebook ads, which means starting a social media campaign on Facebook, the most transited social media platform in the world.


Even though other social media platforms can also serve you well for setting up your digital marketing efforts. If your digital marketing research dictates that Facebook is the proper channel for delivering the content that you wish your potential clients to see, then Facebook ads will help you in this direction for attracting traffic and leads in your digital marketing efforts.

It is important to bear in mind that before starting a digital marketing campaign on Facebook, you’ll have to do some marketing research based on benchmarks and industry statistics to overhaul what is your targeted audience and where it might be located. This will yield a perspective on who your buyer persona is and where is that or those buyer personas located in the buyer’s journey.


In this post, we will offer guidance in an easy-peasy walkthrough in using Facebook Ads, and how to implement it for beginners, like yourself, without suffering a rigorous learning process along the way.


The journey through Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads offer some remarkable features for you to take advantage of your digital marketing strategies, and help you reach a wider audience. In here, we’ll help you focus on how to use these amazing Facebook Ads features and highlight the purpose of these features.


Why using these Facebook Ads features?

Using Video Ads

Social media platforms are becoming more video-intensive than text-intensive. This trend is also affecting Facebook, which is using algorithms to prioritize video content which tends to be more appealing and engaging to users. Using video ads allows you to showcase your products and services to capture the minds of potential clients. Using Video Ads on Facebook, it’s about being creative and pays attention to content, given that people watch videos that they deem relevant to their interests (where content is essential). Additionally, it would be wise to segment your video per different targeted audiences, distinguishing your videos for each of your strategic audience (maybe you’ll showcase a product that’s for everybody like Coca-Cola, but you may adjust the content to different audiences like children, adults or youngsters). Proving changes to your video, by trying it out with and without sounds to see what suits you the best. Read the short tutorial how to make facebook video from the ebook – Savvy Smart Sexy People Do Internet Marketing.


Facebook Offers

Inviting potential clients through an offer could be an interesting manner to increase click-through rates and raise awareness about your products or services to customers. Facebook Ads enable you to create a particular ad to your business and keep users within Facebook, so they don’t have to switch to other websites to find out about your offer. The whole argument of Facebook offers to provide something of value to people for free, to get to a wider audience. In this point, giving a reason for strangers to click on your Ad on Facebook, like promoting a small coupon for something in return would be a great incentive for users to click on your ads and start connecting potential clients.

Fortify your brand identity & brand awareness

Instead of directly selling to your customers, by using adverts on Facebook you can also nurture a relationship with potential clients and help you build up your client This is more of a long-term strategy, but it would certainly pay out in the future as you continue to expand your potential customer base.


Target websites visitors

One of the amazing things about Facebook Ads is that it reminds people of your brand. By installing Facebook Pixel into your site, you can start collecting data from your visitors. This will help you understand and target the right audience for your marketing purposes and increase ROI and its effectivity, generating additional revenue for your business. Facebook ads allow you to segment and target your Facebook marketing initiatives from email subscribers, by purchase behavior, income or net worth, serving as an efficient and accurate approach for chasing out to the right audience.


Understanding the basics of setting up your Ads

Facebook encourages you to have a crystal-clear marketing strategy, defining what your business goals, understanding who are you trying to reach, be mindful of the budget you’ll allot to the campaign and the multimedia files such as photos or videos that you’ll display are. Having these topics covered, you’ll adapt more quickly into creating adverts on Facebook.


setting up your ads



Setting up your goal

When you log on with your Facebook ads manager account, you will type in the name for your campaign and established your goal, whether it is to gain traffic, higher reach, more interactions, brand-awareness among other options. In each of these options, you will have a “question mark” symbol that when you place your mouse on it will display the concept of each of those campaign types or goals. After you select your considered target click on “Create an ad campaign.”


Looking out for your audience

Facebook will provide regardless of your business purpose what is the level of reach, whether if it’s too specific or is it too broad. The important is to find common ground to convert as much visitors into leads for the established campaign. You can segment your ads depending on age, gender, geography, and language, which will direct your campaign to your targeted audience. You can even exclude certain persons from your campaign establishing filters based on demography, interests or behaviors.


Minding your budget

Upon completing the previously required fields for your adverts campaign on Facebook, you’ll have to arrange the money that will be invested into the campaign and the calendar of the campaign, whether you’ll wish to have an open and close date for your Facebook Ads endeavors. You can set the allocated budget per day that will be disbursed and established a budget cap to monitor your expenses.


Choosing the format

We’ve previously discussed how remarkable was video content displayed on Facebook. In this section, you will pick on regarding the right format for your targeted audience, whether if it’s a video, carousel, canvas or photo ads.


Placing your order

After completing these steps, you’ll have your Facebook Ads ready for starting your campaign upon placing your order. After this point, it would be wise to check and monitor the outcome of the campaign and overhaul the visits and conversion rates from your ads on Facebook. Using, for example, Facebook’s Adverts Manager you’ll monitor the performance of your campaign and see if it’s necessary to adjust your ads for reaching a wider audience or a more targeted reach of such an audience.


This insightful advice will certainly aid you in your path for setting up your online business endeavor and attract potential clients through digital marketing via Facebook Ads, the most important social media platform of the information-age economy.


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